Fast, Advanced, Accessible AI for You Today

Neurobots provide cutting-edge AI capabilities to robotics process automation (RPA) in an easy-to-implement software solution. Grounded in the first principle approach, which is the idea to break down complicated problems into basic elements and reassembling them from the ground up, Neurobots are fundamentally reimagining the mechanics of adopting AI, ML and RPA. Neurobots infuse AI/ML to further enhance what are already effective automation processes with sophisticated capabilities that include context understanding, decision making, and more. Truly realizing the vision of RPA + AI.

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Gain Business Advantage now

Speed is of the essence. No more spending a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out the entire ML pipeline, algorithms, models, workflow, and more. Just plug in Neurobots and get going.

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Cutting-Edge AI/ML Functions

Access to the latest and most sophisticated AI/ML models that rival what you see from much larger organizations gives you the technology edge in this hyper-competitive era.

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Easy Integration with RPA

In addition to integrating as standalone software into your business workflow, Neurobots integrate seamlessly with your RPA solutions, further enhancing decision making and business processes.


Kaibot is designed to allow anyone to build a multi-lingual domain-specific interactive engine that understands the nuances of human language from the very beginning. Kaibot can be applied in a variety of interactive interfaces and is customizable for many business use cases.


Use Cases

  • Website Search Box Replacement
  • Customer Support
  • Tech Support
  • Call Center
  • HR Support
  • IT Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Email Routing

Done in an Hour

Kaibot creates a functional chatbot in about an hour with high accuracy. Unlike other interactive chat solutions that require developers to spend months to curate data, guesstimate intents, formulate entities, and more.

No Data Labeling

Data labeling takes up to 90% of the effort when building an interactive user system. Kaibot eliminates the tedious work where it labels data automatically, saving significant time and resources.

Designed to Understand Language

Kaibot is designed from the beginning to understand languages first hand reducing the time required for customization substantially.

Domain Specific

Based on the data that you provide, Kaibot generates an interactive engine that is unique to your domain.

No Random Answer

Kaibot’s language ability helps it understand the query semantics, so it does not provide random, irrelevant answers that frustrate users.

Retains Context

Kaibot remembers the interaction and context with users and understands when users are asking a relevant question based on the previous questions/interactions.

Automatic Continuous Training

Designed to learn automatically from interaction with your users, Kaibot continuously grows in accuracy over time.

Support Any Languages

Kaibot supports most major languages and can add support of new languages in a matter of days.


Chimebot is Petuum’s unique speech recognition capability that integrates into any application that may benefit from voice interaction. It can handle your business’ unique ambient noise environment quickly and therefore reduce common frustrations with false errors.


State-of-the-art ASR

Chimebot’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) is at the same level if not better than today’s large cloud players’ ASR.

Noise Handling

Designed to handle different ambient noise environments such as airports, restaurants, sports stadiums, and more.

Small Data Requirement

Unlike others which require hundreds if not thousands of hours of data, Chimebot needs much less data to work in your unique ambient noise environment.

Support Any Languages

Chimebot supports and recognizes major languages and can add support of new languages / dialects in only a few weeks’ time.

Fast Integration

Chimebot can quickly integrate into any application, including Petuum’s Kaibot, using standard APIs.


The fashion-inspired Chicbot empowers retailers to employ advanced AI technology that outperforms other offerings in several ways. First, it has the ability to parse out the clothing someone is wearing in a matter of seconds. Knowing the exact type of shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, and accessories the user is wearing, Chicbot can then recommend new styles that match the user’s needs. Chicbot can incorporate clothing and accessory recommendations from several sources, such as the in-house fashion department of a particular retailer. 


Cutting-Edge Image Recognition

Using the most advanced computer vision techniques, Chicbot accurately segments what you are wearing – shirts, pants, left/right hand, neck, face – into different parts and labels them individually.

Integrate Your Style

Chicbot comes with a recommendation engine that provides fashion guidance to your shoppers based on his or her fashion choices. The recommendation engine can easily be adapted to complement your stylists’ unique fashion sense.

No Expensive Specialized Equipment

Unlike other similar offerings in the market that need customized hardware, such as a 3D camera, Chicbot is built to work with everyday consumer cameras including smartphones.


Built incorporating the latest in computer vision techniques, Pixbot can rapidly classify images. It is able to quickly score images according to esthetics and classify them as good vs. bad image quality. What used to take hours of manual effort can now be done in a matter of seconds with high accuracy. Pixbot can also fix issues in pictures with good composition -- such as wrong image lighting, color saturation or contrast – quickly and easily, without the need of manual photo editing tools.


Use Cases

  • Real-estate image enhancement
  • Hotels and rental properties
  • Store shelves placement and sales correlation
  • Smart cities applications

Image Quality Assessment

Pixbot can make a rapid assessment of whether photographs are taken correctly with the proper professional composition that conveys the most relevant information to your customers.

Image Enhancement

For pictures with correct composition but improper lighting and contrast, Pixbot can automatically enhance the pictures. Users also have the options to select enhancement variables for their unique image needs.

Composition Suggestion

Upon detection of poorly composed images, Pixbot provides a recommendation to users to retake the photograph with good composition.

Image Classification

Given a portfolio of images, Pixbot can quickly identify the images of room types – like the living room, dining room or bedroom.

Object / Defect Detection

Pixbot can quickly identify objects in pictures in different use cases with high accuracy, including products on store shelves, defect detection for manufacturing processes, objects detection for smart cities, and more.

As Few as Two Pictures for Training Data

Unlike others that require tens of thousands of pictures to work, Pixbot doesn’t require a large number of pictures to work. With as few as two pictures, Pixbot can be trained to recognize your images correctly.