Rethink Process Manufacturing

Open New Doors with the Most Advanced AI

Chemical/Food & Beverage manufacturers facing increased pressure for cost optimization and higher yields, while simultaneously improving quality and reducing emissions, can now turn to AI-driven automation for key asset and process operations. The Petuum Industrial AI Autopilot product brings a remarkable new way to handle the complexities of chemical processes using advanced machine learning/deep learning and multi-layered data processing techniques to achieve profound understanding and real-time control.

What You'll Learn

Join this webinar to learn how your chemical process plants can gain the benefits of AI to increase operational efficiency in every phase of the journey from process advisory to autonomous operations with the Petuum Industrial AI product. Our Autopilot products built on the Petuum AI platform deliver: 

  1. Process autosteer and optimization for fermentation, grade changes, drying/cooling and other batch processes to reduce cycle times while increasing yield
  2. Asset autosteer of large assets such as batch reactors, boilers, compressors, extruders, heat exchangers, centrifugal pumps and more
  3. Improved yield, reduced energy, and maximized throughput through fuel efficiency, maximized uptime, performance and asset health for operational excellence initiatives

We will also explore how the Petuum Industrial AI autopilot can provide advisory and prescriptive guidance for equipment failures while aligning with global and corporate initiatives like environmental sustainability, safety and emissions reduction (VOCs, NOx, SOx).

Why Petuum AI for Chemical/Food & Beverage Processes

Petuum Industrial AI incorporates several sophisticated data processing and machine learning/deep learning techniques to isolate the real signals from noisy data and to truly model the linear, non-linear, temporal and long-range patterns in your process data. These superior techniques deliver higher precision than traditional systems, because they make fewer assumptions and can handle a larger number of model parameters in real time.

Petuum Industrial AI can comprehend a vast variety of data including real-time time series data from IoT sensors, log data, thermographic images, structured/unstructured data, maintenance logs and many more. It has been proven to not only forecast process parameter values in real time and prescribe immediate actions for maximization of yield at minimal costs and high quality, but also feed prescriptions (recommendations) into operational control systems, resulting in a smart and standardized operation with repeatable efficiency.